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Tribute to the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition
A multi-media and short article produced as a tribute to the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition on the occasion of their 15th Anniversary of arrival in Australia.


Jesuit social ethicist urges "globalisation of morals" Visiting Jesuit social ethicist, Professor John Coleman, argues globalisation presents ethics with new challenges and argues for "globalisation of morals".


Catholic crisis is not political but psychological Opinion Piece submitted under the name Tom Scott to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.


Not published

Did he achieve in his parting liturgy that which he never fully accomplished in his earthly mission? Appreciation of the funeral liturgy published on a number of discussion boards at the conclusion of the international telecast.


The Challenge Facing The Church Opinion article published in The Age under the headline "The failure of Pope John Paul". The challenge the Catholic Church faces today is stark. It is between meeting the needs of those who seek security and certitude. Or it is in meeting the needs of those who are seeking assistance when they are confronted with the heart breaking moral dilemmas of caring for a family member like Terri Schiavo — or the more mundane moral choices that are involved when one comes across a colleague in the workplace who is involved in some wrong-doing and one has to decide if the correct moral choice is simply to ignore it as being "none of your business" or if the correct moral choice is to become a whistle blower and dob that person in.


Adult Education theology course gets enthusiastic response An adult faith education theology course for lay people recently introduced into the Perth archdiocese has received an enthusiastic response from its first graduates. This link takes you to the full story as published in The Record newspaper.


This story is not available at The Record site but you can view it HERE.

Rome Theologian urges more positions for women in the Roman Curia Rome-based, Australian theologian, Professor Gerald O'Collins S.J., has backed the call of the wife of the British Prime Minister, Cherie Booth, that "there is little reason why half of all Vatican curial positions could not be filled by women!" Fr O'Collins made his call last night in the course of delivering the annual Peter Slattery Lecture at the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle. He has urged the opening of more senior management positions for women in the Roman Curia.


Gregorian Theologian challenges non-resurrection scholars One of the Church's foremost theologians on the Resurrection, Professor Gerald O'Collins S.J., at a public lecture in Perth last night said that theories challenging the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, such as those by controversial Australian biblical scholar, Barbara Thiering, continue to pose a challenge for Christians and serious scholars.


An insight into the enigmatic Dr Peter Tannock Dr Peter Tannock is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame in Western Australia. He is a former chairman of the National Catholic Education Commission and earlier than that could arguably be described as one of the chief architects of the model of modern Catholic Education that was set up by the Bishops of this nation beginning in about 1971. In some respects he could also be described as being influential in framing aspects of national education policy in this country. Despite the enormous influence he has had in the Church and in educational policy he is also a very private man not given to blowing his own trumpet. Tom Scott set out to gain some insight into what makes Peter Tannock "tick" as an educational entrepreneur and as a lay Catholic facing the struggles we all face.


Christian Brothers announce new direction Br Philip Pinto, Congregational Leader of the Christian Brothers, has published a letter to the Province Leaders of Oceania telegraphing perhaps the single most significant move in the history of the Brothers since they came to Australia more than 100 years ago. He's proposing they embark on what is effectively a missionary thrust into Asia, the largest continent in the world. Br Rod Ellyard and Br Steve McLaughlin are leaving today to do what amounts to a recce in the Philippines. Br Philip Pinto in his letter indicates that he wants this up and running by mid 2005.


Abuse: some reflections from a Congregational Leader at the front line when the scandal first broke in Australia Br Gerry Faulkner was Province Leader of the Christian Brothers when the abuse scandals concerning Christian Brothers institutions in Western Australia first broke in 1988. Now 71 years of age, he has spent many years reflecting on his experience and is presently writing a book covering the tumultuous years of that crisis for the Brothers. In this exclusive interview for OnLine Catholics, Br Gerry admits to the mistakes that were made and how experience gradually taught him, and the Congregation, some valuable lessons. Br Faulkner was interviewed for OnLine Catholics by Brian Coyne.


Index of Opinion Pieces & Other Articles

The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything is not 42 but this...
Article for CathNews discussion board that postulates what the core beliefs of Catholicism might be

It's not just about marketing though...
Article for CathNews discussion board proposing what the Church needs to do if it is to turn around the crisis it is facing in the Western world where 85% of baptised Catholics no longer support their Church

How to fill up, or empty the Church...
Article for CathNews discussion board explaining how communications can be acting in different audiences to fill up or empty a Church...

The different models of what it means to say: "I am a Catholic"
Article for CathNews discussion board exploring the different models people have in theirs minds as to what being a Catholic entails...

On "repentance, fasting and sacrifice"
From a CathNews Discussion Board Lenten Reflection...

"The search for certitude" -vs- "The search for truth"
From a CathNews Discussion Board Lenten Reflection...

"What do we mean by Truth and Absolute Truth"
This is an extensive series of posts rom the CathNews Discussion Board in response to a series of questions put to me by PeterS on these questions...

"Real love is about knowing how to say sorry!"
From a CathNews Discussion Board discussion about broken family relationships and healing...

The problem with Mariology...
Response to a CathNews Discussion Board question. The question addressed to myself and two others was:
"Correct me if I have the wrong impression, but it seems that you three all have some problem with accepting Catholic teaching and practice in devotion to the human mother of Jesus"

Article for CathNews discussion board on International Gravity Wave Observatory and European Space Agency ground station at New Norcia

Commentary on the Qavah Spirituality Program held in Brisbane 12-17 March 2004

Series of articles from the CathNew discussion board on the Conservative-Liberal/Political-Non-political division in the Church

Commentary on "miracles": personal story from visit to Bullsbrook Shrine, Western Australia

Suggestion for Catechesis on Christ's teachings regarding the Pharisees
This led on to a series of essays "Who is this God we seek?"

Website review of the visit of Fr Gino Henriques CSsR to Perth speaking on Evangelisation

Article for The Record newspaper reviewing those talks

Reclaiming the moral high ground on human sexuality
A series of four essays on the debate on human sexuality within a Catholic context

Opinion Piece: How the Church contributed to "the sexual revolution"

We are all our brother's keeper...
A reflection on the Parable of the Good Samaritan and the question of how much we are our brother's keeper.

A counter argument to Dr Pell on Primacy of Conscience

A response to Dr Pell's address in Philadelphia on Primacy of Conscience

Opinion: A series of short articles on why smoking is OK

Index of Articles concerned with Miracles/Special Divine Action

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Why God does not perform magic trick "miracles"... An argument as to why God does not intervene in his creation in the popular understanding of "miraculous" ways.


The answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything" is not 42 but this... Some reflections on the core beliefs of Catholicism in the context of a discussion on miracles and the nature of our relationship withGod


Some reflections on the Obedience issue... This post is also indirectly related to the discussion on miracles and in a way triggered the most recent discussions above on miracles.


News Report on Fr Gerald O'Collins' public lecture at UWA News report of public lecture given by Prof Gerald O'Collins at UWA on 11th August 2004.


The argument of Fr Denis Edwards re God being "self-limiting" A summary of the argument of Fr Denis Edwards in his book "The God of Evolution" about God being "self-limiting". Summary provided courtesy of Vince Exley on the CathNews discussion board.


"Miracles" discussion continued... My argument continued in response to arguments of others.


On miracles... Recent discussion on miracles on the CathNews discussion board beginning with my own post that set out my arguments as to why I believe God only intervenes in Creation within the laws of his own creation.


Getting this whole "miracles" thing in perspective Originally published on the CathNews Discussion Board in 2001, this is the seminal personal experience that brought me to a scepticism about miracles through a personal experience that had occured in about 1988.


Index of Reflections

Take this Cup Away Multi-Media Reflection set to the music of Amanda McKenna based on Christ's Agony in the Garden.

Word of Life A visual and textual exploration of the meaning of Jesus Christ in my life.
"Word made Flesh! What does this mean? Is not the life of Christ and all the things he had to endure the script through which we can meet all the challenges that present in our lives?"

Who is this God we seek? 01 The first of a series of reflections on the theme of "Who is this God we seek?". This first one was written on 11th July 2002.

Who is this God we seek? 02 The second of a series of reflections on the theme of "Who is this God we seek?". This one was written on 6th April 2003.

Who is this God we seek? 03a The third of a series of reflections on the theme of "Who is this God we seek?". This is the first part of a longer essay. It was written on 19th October 2004.

Who is this God we seek? 03b The third of a series of reflections on the theme of "Who is this God we seek?". This is the second part of the essay. It was written on 19th October 2004.

Who is this God we seek? 03c The third of a series of reflections on the theme of "Who is this God we seek?". Graphic and words written on 19th October 2004.

More Precious than Gold – A book length personal reflection originally written in 1994 and published on the CathNew Discussion Board in 2003. Each chapter takes a line from the Magnificat as it's theme for reflection. The full title of the endeavour is "Serve God First — on the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and things more precious than gold. A fairy tale for adults."

Celebrating a Life – Celebrating the life of my father, Michael Desmond Coyne. This post was written a couple of days after his death at Fremantle Hospital on 21st January 2005.
Remembering Nora & Des Coyne – Photos and music from the funerals and copies of the eulogy and liturgy booklets for the funerals for my parents.