Business Ethos & Terms of Trade
My ethos in business is to provide my customers with the most effective solution within the smallest constraints of time and cost that it is possible to complete the assignment in. At all times I seek to be honest and straight-talking in all my communications with you.
  1. Quality: All work is undertaken in good faith and with a view to providing the highest possible quality within the constraints of time and cost that are expressed or implied by the client.

  2. Method of Charging: My normal method of charging for writing, typesetting and design is strictly on a time basis according to the rates published in our schedule. Where possible I will always be happy to provide an estimate of the time and/or cost involved in completing a job to the degree of quality required by the client.

  3. Proofreading: It is the responsibility of the client to proofread all typeset material and approve its publication. While we take every care in the proofing of copy that has been typeset, Brian Coyne and Vias Tuas Communications, will not be held responsible for any typographical errors or for any on-costs and charges in printing/publishing of artwork that contains typographical errors. We will correct all errors that occurred as a result of faulty key-stroking (or other errors on our part) at no charge to the client and our liability will be limited to the provision of a new set of proofs to the client. (Note: it is often the case that typographical errors are corrected at the same time as client authorised alterations and corrections are made to the material. In this situation the client authorised alterations and corrections take charging precedence at the normal rate in minimum blocks of 15 minutes.)

  4. Payment: Under my normal terms of trade all work will be invoiced as soon as practicable after completion of the job. Invoices will be due and payable within seven days of receipt.

  5. Goods & Services Tax: All work undertaken attracts the 10% Goods & Services Tax.

Effective from 1st Jan 2009

Standard Writing, Layout and Design Rates:

Writing, Design, Layout, Consultation
(Text &/or Graphics)


Additions, Corrections & General Time




Corrections (Our errors)

No charge

*Minimum charge time 15min blocks

Image Scanning:

Graphic Scans

Graphic Scans $5/scan

(Clean-up and/or modification of scanned artwork is charged at Design Rate $25/15minutes)

Proofs & Faxes:

Ink jet, Laser

$1/A4 page

Faxes (Outgoing)

$1 ea.

Photocopies (Multiple rates on application)

50¢ ea A4/
90¢ ea A3


On-Services such as Bromides, Film, Printing, Web Charges are normally charged at cost or invoiced directly to the client from the on-service provider.

Couriers/Postage — charged at cost plus $5 booking/handling charge

Curriculum Vitae — Brian M Coyne B.Sc., Dip. Ed.


Mullewa, Western Australia 31 May1948

Secondary Education:

St Louis Jesuit School/Aquinas College WA matriculated 1965

Tertiary Education:

B. Sc. (Physics Major) University of Western Australia 1972
Dip. Ed. State College of Victoria (Hawthorn) 1974


Relocated to Linden in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. Established Catholica Australia – – in June 2006. Editor and Publisher of this internet publication directed to educated Catholics who have become distanced from the institutional church..


Self-employed freelance writer/editor/producer/director trading as Vias Tuas Communications, based in Perth, Western Australia– principally working for Catholic Church agencies including as relief editor, CathNews, (daily internet news service published from Sydney). Output covers gamut of web, print, multi-media and video.


Great Jubilee 2000 – member of Archbishop's Committee for the Great Jubilee of Christianity responsible for Media and Promotion


Media Officer – Catholic Education Office of WA
Editor – Catholic Education Circular, Member – Performing Arts Festival Committee, Producer/writer – Great Jubilee Video (directed by Derek Seabourne)


Self-employed freelance writer/editor/producer/director trading as Bogong Films & Publishing P/L and Utopian Productions P/L, Melbourne, Victoria. Extensive work in corporate communications: video/multi-media/print.
Co-writer: Crackers Cricklebury feature script.


Executive Director – The 1984 Project


Lecturer in Television Production – Swinburne Film & Television School, Melbourne
Writer/producer: "What's in a Name?" – 50 min documentary exploring the rise of the New Right and Economic Liberalism (1980)


Audio Visual Media Consultant – Education Department of Victoria


Diploma of Education studies full time


Acoustics Engineer, Australian Acoustics Laboratory, Melbourne


National Service, Lecturer/Instructor – Royal Australian Army School of Signals, Watsonia, Victoria