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The INDEX TO THIS ISSUE follows the overview

HE photograph of an enthusiastic Br Peter Faulkner arguing the finer points of how our faith calls us into communion with Christ and his Cosmos sets an appropriate tone for what we hope you will find an enthusiastic edition of Edmund Rice Family News

This is a quick issue of ERNN mainly to bring to your attention two upcoming events: the Brotherhood Reflection Day for those considering a Vocation on 17 October and the ERN Retreat on 22-24 October. (See details of both these events below.) We will be publishing a full edition in the first week of the next school term.

Br Peter was one of the presenters at the recent Qavah spirituality residential in Adelaide for members of the Edmund Rice Network drawn from all States of Australia.

As a participant in this second residential, I would suggest that this was a stunningly successful week at a diverse number of levels. For the Christian Brothers seeking to organise these spirituality programs that pass on the Edmund Rice charism to lay people like myself moving into these works begun by the Brothers in Australia we are now beginning to tap into the "heart wood" of what this Edmund Rice and Catholic/Christian spirituality is really all about.

From the feedback I was picking up from other participants, and from the substantial shifts that I know are occurring in my own personal spiritual journey as a result of Qavah, this sort of stuff is like a gold mine both at the personal level and at the professional level. Whether as a classroom teacher, in other ministry support roles, as a musician, artist or craftsperson (and, from what I can see, virtually everyone who is involved in an Edmund Rice work is engaged in a bit of that) this directed sort of hands-on, practical spirituality program does lead to rich personal growth and fresh perceptions as to how you tackle your professional work.

This edition of Edmund Rice Network News is largely devoted to sharing a little wider, particularly in the Holy Spirit Province, some of what was on the agenda at the Adelaide residential.

Quick Guide to this issue:

Knowing Self – the starting point to all else: Brian Coyne provides an overview on both the whole Qavah spirituality program and the recent residential in Adelaide. [full story]

Br Bernard White's perspective on Vocations: The Coordinator for Vocations for Holy Spirit Province, Br Bernard White was recently invited to give a talk at Manning Parish. Here are his interesting personal reflections and some thought-pr0voking comments on the challenge the Church currently faces in attracting vocations. [full story]

Justice for the East Timorese: Br Russell O'Brien is the force behind an social justice initiative to get a fairer deal for the East Timorese people from oil and gas deposits in the Timor Sea. He forwarded to us this address by Sr Susan Connelly from the Mary MacKillop Institute for East Timorese Studies which explains the issues in considerable detail. You can find much more useful information on the www.saveeasttimor.org website. [full story]


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International News:

Retired teachers wanted for 3 months in Papua New Guinea

Opening of a new novitiate in Stellenbosch, South Africa

News from Around the Province:

Notice of new publication: History of Mount Saint Mary's

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